London, 20 May 2020 Culture Trip announces that it has launched virtual cooking classes featuring local culinary talent from around the world. The first classes to launch allow attendees to learn how to cook Tanjia with chef Khalid Berdouzi from his riad in Marrakesh, or Shakshuka & Hummus with chef Atalya Ein Mor from her kitchen in Jerusalem. With dates available between now and July, the exclusive classes can be booked directly with Culture Trip for £15 per person to bring both wanderlust and hungerlust to everyone’s kitchens at home.

Culture Trip launches these virtual cooking classes dedicated to much-loved international dishes following data analysis across its most read articles which found that people are hungry for stories about the world’s most popular food – more than ever since lockdowns have been imposed and people haven’t been able to travel. The Culture Trip insights* demonstrate that during this time, interest has more than doubled in topics around dishes from far flung destinations, showing how people have a real appetite for international culinary experiences while they can’t get away.

Culture Trip’s mission is to inspire people to go beyond their cultural boundaries and experience what makes a place, its people and culture, special, unique and meaningful. In line with this mission, the new virtual cooking classes connect attendees with local chefs around the world to learn in a hands-on, fun and engaging way how to prepare authentic dishes. 

In the ‘Shakshuka & Hummus’ class, attendees will learn how to cook traditional Middle Eastern dishes that are much loved around the world. Chef Atalya Ein Mor will share her personal, refined recipes from her own kitchen in Jerusalem. Though rooted in North African cuisine, Shakshuka has numerous variations and the exact origins of the recipe are disputed; today, it is one of Israel’s most popular dishes and is interpreted on brunch menus across the globe. Hummus, on the other hand, is a classic dip that many are familiar with – but not necessarily the fresh and supremely creamy version Atalya will teach.

The ‘Tanjia’ cooking class brings the sights and sounds of Marrakesh into attendees’ homes. Hosted by Marrakesh-based chef Khalid Berdouzi right from his riad, the class will teach how to prepare the slow-cooking stew without having to use the traditional clay pot giving the dish its name. Infused with fragrant spices such as saffron and cumin, along with zesty preserved lemons and garlic, the Tanjia is a gorgeously tender dish, packed with juicy meat and vegetables.

Each class will offer step-by-step instructions from the chefs, and a list with the required ingredients and any necessary cooking equipment will be provided ahead of the class.

The chefs hosting these cooking classes have featured in Culture Trip’s award-winning ‘HUNGERLUST’ original video series in which they opened their kitchens and communities via video to satisfy people’s appetite for food culture with equal parts wanderlust and authentic stories from a local point of view.

The new virtual cooking classes are part of Culture Trip’s ‘Stay Safe, Stay Curious’ campaign which invites people to explore and experience places, cities and countries – and to get outdoors where possible – while travel is restricted. This also includes virtual experiences such as art history and creative classes, or online museum tours guided by experts and walking tours through much loved cities that can be booked online via Culture Trip.

Dr Kris Naudts, Founder-CEO of Culture Trip said: “After weeks in lockdown our data shows how people miss exploring cultures and in particular food from around the world while we can’t go out and experience places – being stuck at home, they seem more curious than ever. We have noticed vast numbers of people travelling virtually through what we call ‘cloud tourism’ and reading about dishes from our favourite travel destinations is exactly that; it helps us escape mentally to far away cultures. This is why we created virtual cooking classes with wonderful chefs from around the world. These experiences enable people to explore some of the world’s most vibrant places and cultures through local chefs and unique food while learning to prepare an iconic dish at home.”