Culture Trip Shines Spotlight on Mental Health with Stories of Strength from Around the World

London (October 10th, 2018) – In support of Mental Health Day, London based start-up Culture Trip is this week launching a special collection of articles, that celebrate mental wellbeing.

As a former academic psychiatrist, Culture Trip Founder and CEO Dr Kris Naudts highlights the importance of talking about mental health and the strength that comes from doing so:

“In my experience, mental health challenges make you more empathetic and creative, more resourceful,” says Naudts. “Mental health challenges are a strength. Talk about it.”

Research has shown that Culture Trip’s mainly millennial audience is at a higher risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts than previous generations. They are far more attuned to the importance of mental health, through their own and their friends’ experiences. They are also far more willing to talk about it.

Culture Trip is publishing a series of articles, alongside the original animation, across a variety of subjects outside of health and wellness to underscore how mental health touches on all aspects of life including music, books, technology, sport and travel – from a supper club for people with eating disorders to how virtual reality could be the new frontier in treatment.

Features being launched on the day to shine a light on mental health include:

  • An interview with Rizzle Kicks singer and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Jordan Stephens, ambassador of mental health campaign #IAMWHOLE and host of Music 4 Mental Health at the Roundhouse

Stephens said: “I masked a lot of my early depression with substance abuse and chaos. I know that once I allowed for my sadness to work through me it was really tough. Depression does all it can to stop you. My unhealthy side versus my healthy side. It was a conflict. It was a complete internal war.”

  • An interview with author Matt Haig on sharing stories to tackle mental health issues

In Haig’s own words: “I think the subconscious reason I wrote Reasons to Stay Alive and Notes on a Nervous Planet was to feel less alone. The best way to hear stories is by putting out your own.”

  • A profile on Music Minds Matter, a 24/7 helpline and service for musicians suffering from mental health issues run by Help Musicians UK
  • A contribution from Yvette Caster of Mentally Yours about how she manages her bipolar disorder while travelling
  • A reportage on a supper club for people who suffer from eating disorders
  • The best free mental health apps for anxiety, stress and depression
  • How virtual reality is revolutionising mental health care
  • A commentary on how social media can have damaging effect on mental health

Culture Trip’s contributors around the world have also created stories about tackling mental health challenges globally:

  • Japan’s Journey to addressing mental health issues
  • How bird-keeping is helping combat loneliness among Singapore’s elderly
  • Dancing away stress at NYC rave
  • African photographers putting a focus on mental health

To learn more about Culture Trip, find us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @CultureTrip or check out our Mental Health Day page:

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