“Crib sheet to the zeitgeist”: Culture Trip Lands Coveted App of the Day Spot

London (October 9, 2018) – Culture Trip, the travel, media and entertainment startup, has today been featured as the App of the Day in the iOS app store.

Apple said: “Culture Trip is like a crib sheet to the zeitgeist. It’s a whipsmart hybrid of magazine and travel site.”

Culture Trip has been installed over 1.5 million times and has racked up over 1,800 ratings with an average review rating of 4.8 out of 5. The app allows people to explore and connect with the world around them, offering inspiration via stories from more than 300 local writers and creators. The result is hyper-local content on a global scale in an easy-to-use interface.

“Culture Trip is visual-heavy which is so important when you’re crafting an itinerary. You can bookmark articles to return to, mail links to friends, and save them to read offline,” Apple said.
“It’s easy to lose yourself in Culture Trip – though you’ll emerge able to pass as a veritable travel expert. You’ll never feel out of the loop again.”

Users have the ability to search by location or interest to find articles, photo stories, videos, illustration and animation about places, people and culture from around the globe. The app’s Wishlist feature allows users to save the articles and recommendations that they love, allowing them to create their own personal collections of stories for future reference.

Outstanding user reviews cite Culture Trip’s inspiring, best-in-class videos and insightful local recommendations for everything from restaurants, places to stay, markets, bars, books and films, to local streets to wander:

“This app has overtaken every other “travel guide” app I have used over the past five years in the space of one hour.” (@Cumbrian)
“As a keen global traveller, I was impressed with how on point the articles are about each country/location.” (Nchlsegan)
“Quirky, eccentric, knowledgeable, always interesting take on cities.” (Divepixie1)

Business Insider’s international correspondent Harrison Jacobs recently cited Culture Trip as a ‘can’t live without’ app for travelling. He said: ”When I want to dig a bit deeper into a destination or have a more specific question (like which museum is better), Culture Trip has me covered.”

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